Red Wines

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  • Bussay Csókaszőlő 2015

    220.00 DKK

    Both in its scent – red berries, cherries, currant and tobacco – and its colour – deep red with sparkling ruby stones, it moves absolutely on the line of Kadarka and Pinot Noir. In the mouth comes a wonderful, tight structure and berries with earthy aromas.

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  • Canter Magnus Merlot 2015

    89.00 DKK

    This special merlot wine originates from the hills of Dörgicse. After a gentle process it is aged in wooden barrels made of first class Hungarian oak tree. The flavor -reminds of red berries – is very typical for the Merlot wines and its fragrances and flavors provide very nice value and experience of a great red wine.

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  • Cezar Malbec 2015

    139.00 DKK

    Malbec from the Zala wine region spoil us with fresh, red fruity, mild barrique flavour and aroma, which is not only harmonic but also exciting at the same time.

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  • Cezar Pinot Noir 2015

    119.00 DKK

    Pinot Noir with rich characteres of rapsberries and strawberries has soft tannins and good lively acidity. It is always a nice round with fruity finish.

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  • Kristinus Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

    139.00 DKK

    Big game don’t demand respect, they deserve it. Every drop contains: Lake Balaton, rubies, sunshine, and some cello music. Does the clink of two glasses sound infinite to you too? Clear, light purple colour with black touches. Clean, medium-intense aroma slightly reluctant and stuffy after opening, but develops nicely. Spices steadily emerge: black pepper, smoked meat and leather, a little animalistic. Ripe aroma with chocolate and black cherry. A dry wine on the palate, notes promised in the nose come through in the intense taste. Medium acidity, nice medium tannins, great body and fine spices. Moderately alcoholic and long finish. The sip ends with ripe, fleshy black cherries and blackberries, where the sophisticated use of the barrel comes through, the pleasant bitterness of black chocolate.

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  • Kristinus Pinot Noir 2015

    115.00 DKK

    On Kéthely Hill, the forest and the vineyard are separated by the mere hop of a pheasant. Every drop contains: Lake Balaton, coolness, sunshine, and a linen shirt. Have you crossed all boundaries too? Clear, shiny, light purple with orange touches and medium viscosity. A clean, medium-intense aroma with boiled fruits and earthy Pinot Noir notes. Sour cherries. On the palate the wine is dry. Medium body with medium acidity and an exciting tannin structure. Long boiled-fruit finish with red grapes and sour cherries. A hint of cherry pips at the end, an infinite sip. A very well-balanced wine with a long finish.

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  • Kristinus Sas 2013

    125.00 DKK

    Its moderately deep ruby color is made more engaging by its black nucleus. Its mature aroma offers hints of dark chocolate, marzipan and cognac cherries. On tasting, the dry sip is filled with warm spices and black berries. Its long finish features polished tannins and an aftertaste of raspberries. Recommended for spicy red meats and truffle-based dishes.

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  • Liszkay Giulia 2013

    139.00 DKK

    When it comes to Giulia, we can talk about a fresh, energetic and cheerful wine. It was fermented in a tub and matured in a container. In both flavor and aroma, fruity notes can be exploded. Dry, moderate, modern and intensive wine.

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    Zelna Zweigelt 2016

    85.00 DKK 115.00 DKK

    It is beautiful dark purple colour dizzles us right at the beginning. The scent similar to black currant and the flavor of vanilla from the oak barrel also shows up. Light, fruity red with discreet tannins and a little spiciness at the end.



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    Wunderlich Jammertal Portugieser 2013

    39.00 DKK 59.00 DKK

    Fruity flavours and softness characterise our popular wine. It is a light and lovely red wine for everydays.

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  • Kristinus Birtok Vörös 2012

    79.00 DKK

    The best of the vineyard is presented in this cuvée. Every drop of it includes : 2000 hours of sunshine, merlot, velvet, zweigelt, mystery, cabernet franc, the Lake Balaton and blue frankish. If you are already lost in its eyes, does it matter when do you come back to reality again?

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  • Bodri Szekszárdi Siller Civilis Cuvée 2013

    99.00 DKK

    The wine is made of kadarka and blue frankish grapes by the classic siller technology. Its characteristics are unique red colour, harmonic flavor and an intensive fruity scent that reminds of mellow strawberry. It is recommended to serve it when it is around 10-12 °C.

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  • St. Andrea Áldás 2013

    129.00 DKK

    Áldás’ is St. Andrea’s classic ‘Egri Bikavér’. A juicy red wine with warm tones and an elegant structure illustrating the great potential of the wine region. The 2013 vintage has a special character. Warm aromas complemented by subtle spices and ripe fruit. Round, rich and complex on the palate. The tannins are firm yet surprisingly soft and tight. The playfulness of acids and minerality is especially exciting at the end of the aftertaste.

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  • Kovács Nimród Egri Bikavér 2014

    85.00 DKK

    The most well known wine of the wine region of Eger. A mixture of spicy flavours and the smell of ripe, red-pulped fruits. An excellent for choice main dishes with meat.

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  • Lajvér Szekszárdi Blue Frankish 2013

    87.00 DKK

    Even if we look at it, it is obvious that it is a a complex wine: its taste is a mixture of spiciness and ripe sour cherry. Thanks to the wooden barrels, one can experience the taste of spices, clove, vanilla and a hint of coconut. Good structure, the wine is characterised by some acidity whilst spiciness is caused by the fruits. At the end of the sip, one can feel the alcohol but not too much, that is why the result is a wine with rich taste.

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