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  • Dúzsi Tamás Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2016

    109.00 DKK

    In the mouth it feels heavy and viscous, although because of its driness, vivid acids and subtle bitterness dominate. Its scent is composed of a mixture of papaya, hibiscus and rosehip. Full-bodied rich wine, recommended for those who love the more serious rosé wines.

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  • Kristinus Birtok Rosé 2017

    65.00 DKK

    Rosé has a feminine (not girlish!), mature yet still youthful and fresh nature. It’s characterized by strawberries and crisp cherries. Whipped cream and a creamy texture. Tempting and convincing, captivating. On tasting, the wine features a dry, moderate acidity and a fresh, primary fruity character (red berries). Its higher-than-average alcoholic nature makes it more weighty than other varieties. At the same time, however, its spring floral (tulips) aroma and freshness lends it a light, moderately long finish.

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  • Kristinus Gyöngy Rosé 2016

    70.00 DKK

    In nice cold but not too cold condition its the champion of the category. In appearance the wine is strong salmon / sunset coloured. After opening and pouring intense, later on lighterbeading in the glass. The small bubbles like a chain coming up to the surface. Clear, more than medium intensity. Ready to drink nose with promising potentional. Cherry tree flower and cherry with the smell of water melon. On the plate the wine is like dry however a hint of residual sugar is in the background which makes the wine even nicer. Refreshing medium acidity with soft but intense creamy bubble structure gives more freshness for the sip. On the palate the wine delivers which notes were promised in the nose.ditions.

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  • Skrabski Blue Frankish-Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2016

    69.00 DKK

    Bright orange salmon color. Its scent meets red berries and spices. Tastefully dry, savory, light body, elegant fruity flavor. Recommend accompanying salads, tomato sauces, ripe hams, homemade cured meats, fish and poultry.


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    Dúzsi Blue Frankish Rosé 2015

    63.00 DKK 89.00 DKK

    The “Kékfrankos” Rosé ( Sióagárd- Lányvár dűlő) is the primal rosé wine of the winery. This wine is always made of the “Kékfrankos” grapes produced on the plantation, which is situated on the Sióagárd- Lányvár Hill, that guarantees its unique taste and its fruitiness.

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